James Patrick Nelson

James Patrick Nelson was recently appearing in Bedlam Theater's acclaimed production of Sense and Sensibility at the American Repertory Theater, reprising the role he played in the Folger Theater production, for which he and his cast won the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Ensemble. 

Photo by Jeff Mosier.

James Patrick Nelson in Bedlam's ​​​​​​​Sense and Sensibility ​at the Folger Theater. Photo by Ashley Garrett.

Photos by Jeff Mosier.

 James Patrick Nelson stars in his first feature film, a psychological thriller called "Adam," for which he also wrote the screenplay. 

Production photos from "Adam" starring James Patrick Nelson and Brian Foyster, directed by Doug C Williams.

​Photo by Jeff Mosier

James Patrick Nelson starred in four feature films in 2017, including the sci-fi drama "Being," with Lance Henriksen and Bob Burke, and the ensemble comedy "Love in Kilnerry". His screenplay adaptation of his play "The Second Sun," was produced this summer and will come out next year. ​Stay tuned for trailers and information about film screenings!